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Artificial Orchid

Feel Real!!!

Use our colourful selection of artificial flowers to give your house or event a burst of springtime energy.

We have chosen an exquisite assortment of botanicals to adorn your area, including gorgeous bouquets and lush green garlands. The lovely petals and lush hues of our realistic blooms look great in a variety of vases and pots, or you can use them to make your own arrangements.

Hand Made

Our artificial flowers are hand-made one at a time with great care in order to provide you with astonishingly accurate fake stems, bouquets, bushes, and orchids that can be preserved indefinitely.

You can give an everlasting gift, add breath-taking beauty to your home or business, or even keep a memory of your big day alive by using artificial wedding flowers.

  • Bella pink

    Our Pink Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid will provide a touch of easy sophistication to any room. Five stems droop gently under the weight of their blooms, revealing marbling-effect petals that surround…

  • Bella White

    You want a dramatic look, but you don’t want the drama that comes with taking care of such a delicate plant, do you? Our Classic Potted Faux Orchid is a…

  • Blanka

    This artificial orchid is a potted plant with a twist; it comes in a beautifully painted pot. The artificial Orchid flowers have competition from the elaborate floral arrangement in traditional…

  • Catalina

    This artificial orchid is a modern take on the traditional, with a stunning pink explosion in the centre of white petals. Three flowering branches and bud clusters rise above green…

  • Isabella

    Our Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid Pink brings simple elegance to any space. Eight slender stems with marble-effect petals and magenta cores droop. This artificial orchid plant makes a lovely housewarming or…

  • Lola Pink

    Our Faux Pink Orchid is bursting with colourful orchids, perfect if you can’t get enough of these exotic blossoms. An lovely cement pot with lush, dark green foliage at its…

  • Maya

    Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, has wing-shaped blossoms. We wanted to make a showpiece pot with this favourite bloom. Our Large Faux Orchid in glass Pot is a show-stopping artificial orchid…

  • Rossa Red

    Our Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid in Pretty in Red will bring a touch of soft, feminine beauty to any setting. The weight of the blossoms on eight stalks causes them to…

  • Saona

    This artificial orchid has been given a new lease on life by being potted in a glass pot with exquisite attention to detail. The imitation Orchid flowers have some competition…

  • Serra white

    Our large faux orchid in wooden container features 16 stalks full of abundant, symmetrical petals and an attractive finish. This artificial orchid plant will be the focal point of any…

  • Sophy pink

    Our Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid in Pink, with its flawlessly pink petals and delicately textured petals, will provide a touch of easy sophistication to any room. Eleven stems weighed down with…

  • Vogue

    Amazingly lifelike, our Classic Potted Faux Orchid is a beautiful imitation orchid plant overflowing with blossoms of all sizes. It’s fitting that the classic aesthetic of the orchid is matched…


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